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Aluminium Doors VS uPVC Doors

Aluminium doors VS uPVC doors

If you are unfamiliar with the purchase of windows and doors, the differences between aluminium and Upvc are not immediately apparent. The best way to determine the difference is to inspect both for yourself. For easy comparisons, both products are on display at all of our showrooms.

What is the strength of aluminium compared to uPVC?

Aluminium is indeed a more robust material than U.P.V.C. for making windows. As a metal, aluminum can be extruded in extensive, solid lengths of pure and high-quality material. Aluminium is a solid material, so no reinforcement is required. In contrast, uPVC products require steel or aluminum bars inside the plastic outer shell to ensure a strong structure. Various colours can be chosen for uPVC windows and doors other than the standard white plastic colour. Typically, a foil (typically an artificial wood grain foil) is used to cover white frames. Aluminum frames are available in a variety of colours and finishes. Powder-coated paint is hard-wearing and can be applied in virtually any color and finish, including different gloss and matt surfaces. The finish can be sublimated to resemble wood grain. Home safe doors are also operational in west london, north london, east and south so choose the style and speak to the team now.

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What is the best material for colored windows and doors? Aluminium or uPVC?


Upon comparing the aluminium and uPVC (on a like-for-like basis), aluminium is always more expensive than uPVC. This is a result of higher materials and manufacturing costs. Nevertheless, aluminum can be more cost-effective than uPVC over the long term due to its higher durability. uPVC windows provide a relatively low initial outlay and a relatively low maintenance solution due to their high rot-resistance and long lifespan. The price difference between aluminum and uPVC for a typical-sized home would probably be thousands and not hundreds of pounds. We provide the following services as our top priority: uPVC door suppliersAluminium Door SuppliersSliding Door SuppliersComposite Door SuppliersBi Fold Door Suppliers, etc. You can also read more about how to choose a front door and a back door.

Aluminum Doors are Long-Lasting

Despite their long life expectancy, uPVC windows are susceptible to deterioration over time. The plastic does not rot like wood. However, it is prone to cracking and staining. Additionally, the plastic may become warped if exposed to extreme temperatures. A building’s longevity can not only be a source of aesthetic concerns, but it could also be a security issue. It is important to note that aluminum is a more robust material by nature, so with the appropriate maintenance and care, your aluminium doors will last longer than their uPVC counterparts. In most cases, architects think that steel is the most robust material available for creating door frames.

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Both uPVC and aluminium windows are made with reinforced frames, multi-point locks, and a multi-point locking system, and they provide the same level of security. At Home Safe Door, we offer both composite door and windows with Secured By Design seals of approval from the Police and Home Office. This British manufacturing standard minimizes the risk of unwanted entry through robust design.

What is the cost difference between aluminum and uPVC windows and doors?

In general, they’re a little more expensive. There is a direct link between the quality of a product and its manufacture and production price. Since we offer both products, we can appeal to every type of customer. We can provide you with costs for both materials, so you can decide which product is the most appropriate for your needs.