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Why Choose Homesafe Doors & Windows ?


Having sold more than 20 million GRP composite entrance doors over 5 years, Homesafe Doors are one of the most experienced and trusted door manufacturers in the market.

Unlike most other composite products, our doors are designed and made entirely in the UK, at our end-to-end manufacturing facilities in  Greater London , Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire and Herefordshire. No imports and no trimming to size mean significantly less waste and a reduced carbon footprint.

Driven by our customers’ needs, we have developed two unique patented systems that enhance the appearance, security and durability of our doors.

  • ColourFusion

A colour-infusion process that ensures each door retains its colour through a lifetime of wear and tear.

  • FlushGlaze

This unique flush-glazing technique hides vulnerable beading and unsightly gaskets.

A Homesafe customer is well cared for at every stage of the process. We provide all customers with free access to our dedicated technical support team, so there is always someone on hand to offer product or specification advice and help with door installation.